I had the honor to make a new logo to the creators of this mind blowing music video.. They wanted two different logos. One with their name and one wich they could easily tag. The one with their name in is based on their original logo shown above. They simply wanted some extra artz around it.

The first one:

Description from client:

“Space Controls can refer to a kind of control (a slider for example, volume button, a volume rule on a mixing console, etc., etc., or a mental control tools. Actually a slider to emotions, things and beyond) to control their own “space”.
It can be any space whatsoever, volume space, emotional space, amplitude, color space etc etc. It’s a little more substance behind the word of the man allows himself to think about what it actually is..”

This is the result from the words above combined with their orginal logo:


The second one:
Since these guys are obviously thinking outside the box they sent me an instruction video in how they wanted the logo to look like:

Client: -“..I have a movie and a picture of an idea. The two R which is rotated with the backs against each other. It is quick to tag and are reasonably simple. Can you elaborate on that do you think?..”


Me: -“Have you tried making it in one line?”.


client: -“Smart! It was neat, make it awesome … Then I think we are finished!”

After accidentally making a some kind of remake of the nazi ss logo (which they didn’t really approve), this became the final version: