Skywhale was made in only five days and became the winner of Castle Game Jam in Blekinge, Sweden 2015.
Since I was the only artist I made all of the game art, even the font and the funky animations. It was a couple of intense days and nights but it payed off!

Free download for windows


How is it done I here you asking

Everything in the game is made in pixels except for the main character, the skeleton and the bat. To be able to make the kind of wobbly animations (for example those bended wings above), the characters is first painted in pixels, then vectorized, scaled up and animated with puppet pin tool and render out as a spritesheet. The reason why I had to vectorize the characters before animating is because otherwise it would have become blurry during the animation. All of the graphics is scaled up in code, except for the main character, the skeleton and the bat. Since the animation spritesheets takes a lot of space and because the final boss and the whale in the end was so big I choose to pixel animate thos two, just to save some memory, be nice to our programmer who loves optimization and not let the game grow bananas big.

To be able to make everything work together we used a tile editor named Tiled. Without an editor like this it wouldnt have been possible to do this is such a short time. The level designer build the level with gray boxes in Tiled, during the time I painted tiles. When the level designer was satisfied I took over the file and started to replace his gray boxes with my color ful tiles. And you know what?! All of the level graphics fits in a 512px*512px tile sheet.. not bad ha?!